I’m Luca Ferrario, and I am an Anticonventional Designer, focusing on research, conception and execution of the project, blending different disciplines within fields of design, music, science and art. I create visual identities, typography, editorial design, motion graphics, creative coding and web design, data visualization, digital illustrations.

I live in Milan, and I truly love collaborating with people, designers or, even better, non-designers. To connect our minds, just drop a line: luca.wist (at) gmail.com

Why Anticonventional Design?

Anticonventional, applied to Design and Graphics, is a neologism inspired by MIT Media Lab’s “Antidisciplinary” approach: more than just a sum of different disciplines, it’s a way of designing that takes the best out of all fields of knowledge, with no hierarchy, to expand visions of design thinking, giving life to trend-breaking projects.