EXPO – Volunteer Stories

Project developed during my work at YoClas! Agency. MTV Italia asked us to create the brand, the logo and the video image of its new web show “EXPO: storie di volontari”, which focused on Milan EXPO’s young volunteers’ experiences. We decided to give the brand a classic Italian graphic design look, inspired by the work of Massimo Vignelli, underlining the excellence that our country can offer to the world. We created a set of Cyan-Magenta- Yellow icons that recall the daily life of the volunteers, but also of the youngsters. To blend everything together, we created the on air look with the Intro of the show and a promo, centered around the dynamism and freshness of icons’ animations.


Art Direction: Fabio Berton & Luca Ferrario
Design: Luca Ferrario
Logo Animation: Federico Bardelli
Animation: Luca Ferrario
Editing: Federico Bardelli & Luca Ferrario