Law 18 – Album

In 2016 I released, with my Groovecore band Law 18, our first self-entitled LP. I wanted the design of the album to be the personification of our music: a mixture of different genres of metal, hardcore, funk and blues. In order to do so, I created a series of illustrations starting from old pictures under public domain, taken from Encyclopedias, books, engravings, compendiums – all rigorously in black and white. My desire was to give a complete new life to this ancient and forgotten beautiful illustrations, that now form an open source and free to use public knowledge, mixing and blending them in entirely different ways to create new meanings.

The project consists in 10 illustrations overall, one for each song on the album and one for the cover, which is the synthesis of all the other art pieces. Each illustration visually represents the theme and the mood of the song.

For the album release, I created also a series of posters, wallpapers, and t-shirts.