UPGRADE – the Book

“Upgrade – Evoluzione dell’esperienza museale, Nuovo livello del graphic design” (Evolution of museum experience, New level for graphic design) is the official book for my Bachelor Graduation project UPgrade GRAphic DEsign.
The book itself represents the goal of the project: revealing the underlaying scientific and mathematical layer of graphic design, creating a new exhibition’s experience through an interactive and immersive space. The visuals of the book are inspired by scientific graphs and visualizations, using only black lines and typography to display the content. The logic of the project and book’s chapters are visualizations themselves, creating a coherent overall mood that recalls the UPGRADE museum brand and logo.
Inside the book, one can find the complete introduction to the museum concept, to the final brand, to the research about the museum themes and the dynamic identities, and to all the graphic material that was produced during the project.